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Tiger Woods’s swing coach says criticism is ‘out of hand’

Sean Foley has been coaching Tiger Woods given that the 2010 PGA Championship.

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — Tiger Woods’ swing coach says criticism of his client is obtaining out of hand.

“I know everyone has a job to do, and I get it,” Foley said this week on “Fairways of Life,” a radio show hosted by Matt Adams on XM Sirius. “But if it is about the game of golf, Tiger Woods is an incredibly crucial element of the game, and I believe every person understands that. It has just gotten to the point exactly where the tearing down of Tiger as a individual and a golfer has turn out to be just as well considerably. I feel it is just out of hand.”

Woods has been beneath much more scrutiny than any other golfer considering that he turned pro in 1996 when he was 20 and won twice in seven begins on the PGA Tour. The criticism has sharpened in the two years since Woods was exposed for extramarital affairs that price him his marriage and impeccable image.

He tied for 40th at the Masters, yet most of the focus was on how Woods kicked his golf club right after missing a tee shot on the 16th hole of the second round. He mentioned the subsequent day, “I am frustrated at occasions and I apologize if I offended anybody that that.”

Foley started working with Woods at the 2010 PGA Championship, and Woods has shown signs of acquiring back toward the top of his game. He won the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill last month for his first PGA Tour win given that the scandal in his individual life unfolded the night of Thanksgiving 2009.

Foley has gone by way of his share of criticism, as well, especially in the early stages of Woods mastering a new swing.

“I realize it is 2012 and we have dotcoms, and you have to write five articles a day, and you run out of items to write about,” Foley mentioned. “But we must be in a position where we are attempting to aid and lift up and support a player like Tiger Woods as an alternative of tearing him down, since everyone in the golf business is better off since of his existence.”

Foley’s comments came at the end of a 20-minute interview, and he raised the matter with no prompting.

“That is fundamentally a single issue I want to get out,” Foley said. “Tiger is a amazing individual, and he is a good dude, and he lives a complicated life. I think factors have got to slow down, and it has got to quit, the day-to-day referendums and the criticism.”

Woods’ efficiency in the Masters has kept him in conversations, even so. It was his highest finish in a major as a pro – except for the 3 instances he has missed the cut – and kicking his 9-iron became a lasting image of his week at Augusta National.

A few days right after the Masters, former Ryder Cup captain Paul Azinger stated on Sirius XM Mad Dog Radio that Woods’ antics had been an “embarrassment to the game, to the membership at Augusta.” The comments were startling since Azinger has long been a supporter of Woods.

“I was truly disappointed to see him carry on that way,” Azinger said. “He’s not trying to endear himself to anybody. And right after he won Bay Hill, I believed, `Here we go once more, this is going to be Tiger just kicking butt and taking names.’ I do not know. I believed he acted like the south end of a northbound mule.”

Jack Nicklaus was asked Tuesday about Woods’ game and mentioned he didn’t know what was going on.

“I don’t know what goes (on) between his ears,” Nicklaus mentioned. “That is actually the X aspect. His golf game and his golf swing looks fairly comparable to what I’ve been hunting at and he hits a lot of great shots. But you by no means know what’s going on in somebody’s head.” Tours &amp News

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